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The cost of each single outing with a two-seater CF 800 ZForce Buggy + driver is €180

The cost of each outing with Buggy Polaris 800 RZR four seats for three people + driver is € 220


The cost of each outing with Buggy Polaris 800 RZR four seats for two people + driver is € 170


The fleet currently consists of two two-seater CF 800 Zforce Buggy and a four-seater Polaris 800 RZR for a total of seven seats available, prices to be agreed may apply for groups.


Buggy rental package (two seats) + overnight stay (double room with private bathroom and breakfast included) for two people € 240


Any excursion packages proposed by me can be negotiated directly (times and conditions). Children under the age of 12 or under one and a half meters in height cannot ride on the Buggy.


Payment with the Pos is guaranteed, any inconvenience due to internet line problems cannot be attributed to our disservice and the payment will be made by you in cash with the relative payment receipt (invoice).

Winter departure times: 10 am or 2 pm lasting approximately three hours


Summer departure times: 09 am or 17 pm lasting approximately three hours


Each timetable is subject to climatic conditions

Clothing: long thermal, windproof trousers, closed shoes, bandana or mask, goggles and gloves, waxed are recommended

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Iniziativa co-finanziata dal GAL Bmg Distretto Rurale Barbagia Mandrolisai Gennargentu

nell'ambito del Programma di sviluppo rurale per la Sardegna 2014-2022

Organismo responsabile dell'informazione: Aritzo Off-Road di Daniele Spinazzola

Intervento - Creazione di nuovi servizi turistici (CUP: E19J21012670009)

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